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The Saito range is lightweight yet strong. The Saito range of hand labellers includes various models.

Below you will find information specifically related to the Saito 1 Model, which are widely used in the food and retail industry.

Saito 1 Datecoder

Saito 1D Datecoder

SKU: 28

Price: $95.00

The Saito 1 Price marker is a one-line gun with eight bands.

It uses 22x12mm labels (see below).

Saito 16 Datecoder

Saito 16D Datecoder

SKU: 12

Price: $140.00

The Saito 16 Price marker is a two-line gun with 16 bands.

It uses 16.2x18mm labels (see below).

Label Examples

22x12 Saito Label examples
22x12 Saito Label examples
16.2x118 Saito Label examples